Alarm landline

Alarm landline
Alarm landline Alarm landline Alarm landline Alarm landline Alarm landline Alarm landline Alarm landline
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Alarm system for home or business that can be extended with all of wireless sensors. Lets be connected to PSTN (telephone network Basic or fixed) so done on alarm phone calls to predefined by the user to signal the possible intrusion or alarm. Economic system in which companies sell central alarm services are not needed, eliminating and monthly costs for simple intermediaries between the alarm and the client. The control panel can be your own phone Mobile, which ultimately is where you end up calling a company alarm center.

  • Central unit of very small size: 90 x 90 x 27 mm. It has extendable antenna and 3 LED status indicators (ON, alarm and armed).
  • Magnetic sensor includes a wireless sensor (such as reference # LB12), a radio frequency remote control, a siren (as reference # LB21), the power supply to the central unit and cable telephone.
  • Lets you program up to 6 phone numbers to the alarm called to report the activation of a sensor. Calls are made according to the priority order of each issue.
  • The alarm siren emits different sounds depending on the situation for a sound identification of the reason that the alarm is activated.
  • Allows arming and disarming by phone and remotely.
  • Allows remote monitoring of the installation of the alarm.
  • Allows the installation of more sensors and wireless sensors. The installation and coding of the new sensors is quick and simple as the central unit must simply recognize the new sensors. Compatible with accessories # LB0x, # LB1x, # LB2x, # LB3x, # LB4x, # LB5x, # LB6x, # LB7x, # and # LB9x LB8x.
  • It has two female RJ11 connectors for passing through the telephone line.
  • Programming is done from the keypad of the phone, because the central unit of this model has no keypad.
  • The supplied remote control has 4 buttons with the following functions: arming, partial arming (night), disarmed and emergency.
  • In addition to alarm allows programming of emergency action plan when you press the emergency button on the remote control or install a special button (Ref. # LB34). This feature is ideal for elderly care.
  • Easy to use and install. Any home or business can have an installed.
  • The manuals are available in English.

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