CCD camera PTZ Dome (Interior 420TVL Varifocal 4-9mm)

CCD camera PTZ Dome (Interior 420TVL Varifocal 4-9mm)
CCD camera PTZ Dome (Interior 420TVL Varifocal 4-9mm) CCD camera PTZ Dome (Interior 420TVL Varifocal 4-9mm) CCD camera PTZ Dome (Interior 420TVL Varifocal 4-9mm)
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Video camera designed for closed circuit applications television (CCTV). This is a color camera technology based on CCD 1 / 3 "and 420TVL (TV line). Format dome to be built in a false ceiling or attached directly to the ceiling. Camera with Pan & Tilt function (horizontal and vertical) Allows you to frame the image in the range of action of the camera.

  • CCD 1 / 3 "color.
  • Format spherical dome ceiling to be fixed.
  • Mounted on black plastic housing suitable for Indoors.
  • Resolution: 420 TVL.
  • Output standard PAL CCIR / EIA.
  • Varifocal Lens 4.0 - 9.0 mm, manual adjustment.
  • Manual adjustments to focal length and focus (Zoom and Focus).
  • Shutter timer: 1 / 50 s - s 1/12.000.
  • Compatible with the communications protocol and PELCO-D PELCO-D speeds of 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps.
  • Horizontal rotation: 360 °.
  • Vertical Rotation: 90 °.
  • Allows up to 32 preset focus positions.
  • Allows movement between two points traveling the distance short and with a configurable rate of 0.1 ° to 30 °.
  • Programming of 6 tours or tours. Each tour is defined by 16 positions or points through which must pass the camera.
  • It has internal memory that does not clear-cut if food. The camera returns to the previous operating outage.
  • Default position (home). In case of loss of control, camera returns to the starting position (preset 1).
  • Power: 24 VAC (1000 mA).
  • Includes power supply with output 24 VAC (1500 mA).
  • Automatic functions: exposure control, control of gain balance adjustment, frame synchronization, setting opening and gamma adjustment.
  • PAL TV System.
  • It has 6 terminals: + AC24, AC24-, Video-OUT, Video-GND, RS485-(B) and RS485 + (A).
  • Adapter cable is supplied to BNC female terminals 6 (video) DC-Jack socket 4.0 mm (power) and 2 terminals (RS485 control).
  • Size: 123 mm (H) x 123 mm (diameter). H of 196 mm with the mounting base.

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