CCTV video tester (GT-02)

CCTV video tester (GT-02)
CCTV video tester (GT-02) CCTV video tester (GT-02) CCTV video tester (GT-02) CCTV video tester (GT-02) CCTV video tester (GT-02) CCTV video tester (GT-02)
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Portable tester facilities and equipment related to CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). This is a portable device with an LCD screen 2.5 "allows testing of equipment CCTV tester configuration, the display of images from video cameras, checking the audio signal and power from their own cameras tester.

  • Color video display size 2.5 ".
  • Compatible with PAL and NTSC.
  • Supports multi-protocol CCTV systems and different rates of data transmission (bps).
  • Allows you to store settings for each installation in regarding the positioning of video cameras.
  • It has BNC connectors for video and video-IN-OUT for the passage through the signal while checks are performed relevant.
  • It has RS-485 (terminal 2 poles) for the control video cameras and testing of the control signals.
  • It has RS-232 (DB9 male) for code conversion.
  • RJ45 female connector available for testing cables network. It also includes terminator for cable testing and installed.
  • It has mini-jack 3.5 "socket for testing audio signals.
  • It has DC-jack output of 12 VDC at 2 A to allows the power electronics CCTV from within tester.
  • The front panel has buttons to control all functions of the device.
  • Powered by 2 rechargeable 3.6 VDC type (1400 mA). It provide 2 batteries and external power supply. Batteries are loaded into the tester itself.
  • Compatible with the P / T (Pan and Tilt): Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Samsung, Beieot, A01, B01, Sanglin, Liling, Alec, Vicon, Kalatel, Videtrace, DynaColor, VCL and Panasonic.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps.
  • Data transmission over RS-485 and RS-232.
  • Configurable sound signals.
  • 3 A fuse inside.
  • Stand in the back to allow endure convenient device.
  • Weight: 850 g.
  • Size: 290 x 221 x 79 mm.
  • Supplied with safety strip around the neck with BNC cable male / male, 2 rechargeable batteries, power supply, power cord for power, a term for verification of data cabling, cable to supply DC 12 VDC and audio cable with mini-jack 3.5 "at both ends.
  • Check the picture and audio. Ability to view directly image from video cameras on the LCD monitor 2.5 ".
  • Control parameters of the cameras moviemiento: P / T (Pand and tilt), zoom and focus. Control of these parameters through RS-232 and RS-485.
  • Record up to 256 configurations on the approach cameras for all motion parameters and focus.
  • Checking data cables up to 4 pairs (LAN Cable type UTP with RJ45 connector).
  • Supply of 12 VDC at 2 A CCTV equipment to be connected the tester.

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