CMOS Video Camera (Exterior with Gray Base)

CMOS Video Camera (Exterior with Gray Base)
CMOS Video Camera (Exterior with Gray Base)
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Video camera designed for applications closed circuit television (CCTV). This is a color camera based on CMOS technology 1 / 3 ".


  • CMOS 1 / 3 "color.
  • Mounted on metal housing suitable for installation outdoors.
  • Resolution: 510x492 (NTSC) and 628x582 (PAL).
  • Lighting: <3 Lux @ F 1.2.
  • Output standard: CCIR / EIA (PAL / NTSC).
  • 6 mm lens mini board. You can change the lens for another mini board (see references # VX0x).
  • Visual angle: 52 degrees.
  • Shutter timer: 1 / 60 s - 1 / 15000 s.
  • Food: 6-12VDC (120 mW).
  • Automatic functions: exposure control, gain control, balance adjustment, frame synchronization, and adjust aperture gamma.
  • It has RCA-Female connector for composite video output.
  • It has DC-Jack Female (4.0mm) for connection of power supply.
  • No power supply included.

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