Frame 19" rack Conteg frames

Frame 19" rack Conteg frames
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Economical and practice that allows you to have installed accessories and peripherals compatible with standard 19 "rack in an open frame rack 19 ". The philosophy of this frame is to have the least essential components for the installation of 19 "rack, eliminating laterlares plates, doors, etc., not necessary in many cases. It These black frames (RAL 9005) steel made of 2 mm thickness.

A closet Conteg Frames 19 "can be adapted to the needs of user. The main parameters to consider are the height (27U, 36U, 42U and 45U) and the number of vertical frames (one frame or two frames in the case of frontal attachments are required and rear). Thus the basic configuration passes by buying at least one or two frames (RR61 to RR64 Refs.) and a base (ref. RR71).

Configuration example 1
They want a Conteg Frames 27U and a single frame. The client buys (1 x RR61) + (1 x RR71).

Configuration example 2
You want a Conteg Frames 42U and two frames. The customer purchases (2 x RR61) + (1 x RR71). If you also want to strengthen the union of the two racks, you can purchase the reference RR72.
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Conteg 19-rack 27U vertical frame Frames
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Rack Cabinet 42U 19 Conteg vertical frame Frames
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Conteg Frames: Base Frame 19 '(2 pcs)
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Essential basis to support frames Frames Conteg Series 19 ". The base is composed of two parts (left..
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Conteg Frames: Racks include mounting bar 19 '(2 pcs)
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Two metal rods used in the series Conteg Frames to set two frames together in the case of a dual fra..
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Conteg Frames: Side Panel fairlead
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Sill for the series which includes Frames Conteg slots for cable management. Applicable only to doub..
Ex Tax: 4.12€
Conteg Frames: Frame Stabilizer (2 pcs)
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Vertical stabilizers frame angles compatible with Conteg Series Frames. These are optional and give ..
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Central locking tray for F585 and 2U OpenRack
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Tray with a single central fixation ideal for open cupboards (OpenRack) having a single beater 19 "r..
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Conversion Bracket OpenRack 2U (4 pcs)
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Special fittings specially designed for installation in open cabinets (OpenRack). These fittings are..
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