GSM remote control door opening and electrical equipment

GSM remote control door opening and electrical equipment
GSM remote control door opening and electrical equipment GSM remote control door opening and electrical equipment
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GSM receiver that allows the activation or deactivation of equipment Electrical. Specially designed for opening doors garage or similar, so any mobile phone becomes remote control to activate electrical equipment or opening a garage door. This device does not pick because the phone never simply checks that the sender is registered in its database of authorized phones. If the sender is on the list, it triggers the circuit opens the door garage. Thus the cost of the call is always zero. Allows have recorded up to 64 phone phone database authorized. There are mobile operators that do not charge any When there is no minimum consumption, but just the initial cost of issuance of the SIM, making it very suitable register in a such service.

  • Allows activation or deactivation (ON / OFF) of equipment electric, such as garage doors, simply make a missed call the number on the SIM installed in the device.
  • The GSM receiver stores a database of up to 64 numbers. When making a missed call, it checks whether the number is in the database and if so, the circuit is activated. If the number is not registered, the call is ignored.
  • To have more than 64 numbers can be connected in parallel over a GSM receiver.
  • Processes the call on the first ring (ring).
  • Allows activation at any distance is not necessary be near the device.
  • In the case of community garage doors, eliminating the expense in remote controls and control distribution problems, as a phone number corresponding to a remote.
  • The GSM receiver configuration is carried out by sending and receiving SMS messages coded according to the instructions.
  • Allows connection of two external sensors wired lines. These sensors can be volumetric detectors of presence, temperature, light, magnetic, humidity, etc.. When activated a line sensor, it triggers the alarm and activates the output line siren (which can be connected to any other event, such as such as turning on lights).
  • The opening of the door can be notified by SMS system administrator (configurable). This way you can have access control.
  • Works with a power source 12 VDC (included). Average consumption of 50 mA.
  • Operational GMS Frequency: 900 to 1800 MHz.
  • Compatible with mobile phone SIM cards 3V.
  • Size: 110 x 90 x 40 mm.
  • Weight: 600 g.
Inputs, outputs and connections
  • O1 + and O1-: 2 pins for connection to the gating circuit or activation of electrical device. Allows 240 VAC circuits to 3A.
  • Siren: 1 pin for connection to external siren.
  • 12 VDC: 1 pin for 12 VDC power supply to sensors wired.
  • Earth: 1 pin for ground connection.
  • IN1 and IN2, 2 pins for connecting cabled sensors.
  • Base for installing the SIM card of the operator mobile.
  • DC Jack for connection of external power source 12 VDC (included).
  • RSMA connector for fixing GSM antenna orientable (Included).

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