IP Power 9258S: Network Power Server

IP Power 9258S: Network Power Server
IP Power 9258S: Network Power Server
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Server TCP / IP sockets 220VAC power (IEC 60320 C13). Very useful for accessing devices on and off from LAN, WAN (Internet) or Smartphone (mobile phone).


  • Available IEC-60320 C13 connectors for power, 1 for input (C14 male) and 4 for output (female C13), which allow control 4 electrical devices.
  • Supports a current of 10A at 240 VAC (sum of 4 plugs output). For each output jack supports 6A at 240 VAC individual.
  • 2 buttons on the front panel for selecting a port and other to activate or deactivate the active port.
  • 4 status LEDs.
  • 1-Female RJ45 connector for connection to LAN / WAN.
  • 1 x DB9-Male (serial RS232) via console programming series.
  • Design web server that can be used both by internet and ethernet.
  • Support HTTP and DHCP / IP.
  • Password security for access control.
  • Design watchdog to prevent uncontrolled outages.
  • Event Scheduler with own built-in clock device. The power control can be programmed directly and independently on the device itself.
  • Possibility firmaware update when available.
  • Size 220 x 120 x 45 mm.
  • Housed in heavy-duty metal casing.

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