Magnetic sensor alarm door wiring

Magnetic sensor alarm door wiring
Magnetic sensor alarm door wiring
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Alarm simple and low cost that is installed on doors and windows. Fully independent, non-expandable with more sensors. Detects the opening of the doors and windows. The alarm consists of three parts: the two sensors, the central unit and remote control. The two sensors are fixed with double sided adhesive and spread the alarm activated. The central unit is connected to the sensors via cable (supplied with cable 20 cm). The central unit is powered by a 9 VDC battery. The central unit includes a siren is 120 dB. Size of the central unit 90 x 56 x 28 mm. It comes with a RF remote control that allows the activation or deactivation of the alarm at a distance of 30 m. Includes remote control batteries and battery included 9 VDC.

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