Network Cable Tester TL-828-A

Network Cable Tester TL-828-A
Network Cable Tester TL-828-A Network Cable Tester TL-828-A
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Cable Tester with LCD display that shows the results oben clear and complete. From the main menu displays the following 4 functions:
  1. Wiremap: Get the continuity for each of Cable Wiring and pin-out of them. The result is a pin-out chart display with pin pin-A-B or error for each one of the pins. It also shows where cross between two or more threads.
  2. Pair & Length: Function that calculates the length of a cable. Technology has TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) that the cable restraint distance and distance to a possible error if any. In this way, wires can be repaired installed and damaged without having to reinstall a whole new cable. Works at peer.
  3. Coax / Tel: For cable testing telephone and coaxial cables. Check the continuity of the.
  4. Calibrarion: Configuracióm and calibration Network Cable Tester.

The tester has two RJ45 Female (Main and Loopback) to test installed cables (cords). In addition, provides a terminator that beeps for already installed cable test. It also has 4 buttons control. For coaxial cable testing is suministrans two hose adapters Male to RJ45-clamps. To check RJ11 cable suministrans two hose adapters Male to RJ45 RJ11-Male. Operates on 4 1.5V AA type batteries. Checker professional performance at an affordable price.

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