PC-Lak: Time Control (USB)

PC-Lak: Time Control (USB)
PC-Lak: Time Control (USB)
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Small device that acts as a security key that limits the time of using a PC. To do this simply insert the USB PC-Lak in the desired computer, install the software PC-Lak, restrict PC usage time and remove the key. At that point the computer will have a time limit of use and exhaust this time, Windows will shut down system function. The key allows access to the configuration of the maximum time of use (meter) and consultation of the time spent. After all the time using a PC, you must boot the system with PC-Lak key inserted into the USB port. The key is unique for each PC. Ideal to limit the time of use, to prevent minors invest too much time on the computer (parental control), etc..

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