Plug remote control basic (1 plug kit)

Plug remote control basic (1 plug kit)
Plug remote control basic (1 plug kit)
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Control system on and off electrical devices via remote control. It is a system that consists of one or more receivers (sockets, switches and sockets) and one or more remote controls. The plugs in this range simply allow the function on and off. The remote control of this series allows switching on and off 6-line outlets. Each line of plugs have the same code on a line may have one or more sockets with the same code, which turn on and off simultaneously with the same order on the remote control.

  • Kit includes a plug only.
  • Automatic programming code. Allows up to 6 codes (up to 6 lines of sockets).
  • Outlet Size: 108 x 55 x 39 mm.
  • On one side you have male Schuko plug and socket across Schuko female.
  • It has push button ON / OFF on the front panel to control from the plug itself, without the remote control.
  • LED on the front that indicates the status of the plug.
  • Voltage: 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Maximum load: 1380 W.
  • Wireless transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz.
  • Enables communication over 20 m (up to 30 m in certain environments).
  • Low power consumption (<0.2 W) in ON. Mode automatically shuts off the flow for greater energy savings.
  • The plug does not require battery as it feeds on the grid itself.
  • Compatible with remote controls and # # DO53 DO54.
  • Compatible with kits # DO03 DO02 and #.
  • It can be combined with other recipients of the range and # # DO3x DO4x.

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