Rack 19" flat-pack

Rack 19" flat-pack
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Rack cabinets 19 "brand RackMatic available for immediate delivery. Rack cabinets 19" deep 600 mm and 800 mm made from the finest materials and an elegant design, making them excellent solutions for industrial requirements. Stresses its affordable price, which is when we observe that those cabinets are supplied with accessories default on other brands are expensive extras. The 19 "cabinets RackMatic supplied standard with:
  • The entire structure and the vertical guides screenprinted with the units (U) of height.
  • Security Door with obscured glass which gives it a more attractive design and lockable.
  • Side panels with detachable system without screws, for easy side access to wiring and fittings housed.
  • Rear panel and grid locked for better ventilation system with removable without screws for easy access to accessories housed.
  • Top panel with two fans 12x12 cm (220 V).
  • Includes several caps on the bottom panel for cable entry.
  • Leveling Feet (4 pcs) and wheels (4 pcs) to permit selection of a static or mobile support respectively.
  • Side mounting tray bottom line with the measures of the closet.
  • Complete package of 20 units of M6 fasteners for fixing rack 19 peripheral "to the cabinet.
It gives the customer disassembled and packed into several flat-pack for easy transport to its final location. Made of solid materials (steel SPCC) that can withstand up to 300 kg of cargo. Meet the most demanding standards and ANSI / EIA RS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, IEC297, PRAT7 and GB/T3047.2-42. Cabinets and accessories are always supplied RackMatic black color.
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