Remote control socket with Timer

Remote control socket with Timer
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Remote control system for the on-off electrical devices via remote control. It is a system that consists of one or more receivers (sockets, switches and sockets) and one or multiple remotes. The plugs in this range allow two functions: on-off electrical devices connected to the plug and timer. The remote control This series allows for on and off 3 lines of plugs and on and the timer to shut down or automatically turn connected to the electrical outlet. Each line plugs have the same code on a line may have one or more sockets with the same code, which turn on and off simultaneously to the same order on the remote control.

    Specs Remote Control
    • Remote control that enables 3-line outlets.
    • For each line has 3 buttons ON, 3 buttons 3 OFF and SET buttons. These buttons control the two functions of the plugs (ON / OFF Timer).
    • It has 4 buttons for programming the different Preset timer: 1H, 2H, 4H and 8H.
    • It has ALL OFF button for turning off all outlets all lines.
    • Size Remote Control: 125 x 46 x 18 cm.
    • Works with a stack of 12 VDC (23 A) as our reference # EN60.

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