Signal Repeater RS-485 (Terminal Block) [RR01]

Signal Repeater RS-485 (Terminal Block) [RR01]
Signal Repeater RS-485 (Terminal Block) [RR01]
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RS485 repeater that overcomes the limit of 1200m wiring or for those environments where the signal fed back is needed.


  • Automatic monitoring of the RS485 bus.
  • Automatic Direction RS485 flow control.
  • Supports speeds up to 115.2Kbps.
  • Automatic detection of speed according to the data format.
  • Supports protection 2500VDC isolation.
  • Overload Protection.
  • All RS485 signals provide electrical protection.
  • LED indicators for power, Tx and Rx.
  • Requires a 12VDC power supply 300mA (included).
  • Type requires power +10 V DC to +20 V.
  • Connection via terminal block with screws (2 wire).
  • Maximum distance up to 1200m amplification (additional).
  • Asynchronous data format with any combination of bits, parity and stop.
  • Mounted on metal frame size 88 x 67 x 27.5 mm.

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