Terms & Conditions

Steps to purchase products from the store

The acquisition of products from the store is done very simply: first selecting one or more products through any of the navigation options available and then clicking on the desired product to see their features, press the button Add to Cart.

To facilitate the location of the products of the store, they are classified by Categories. The Main Categories are arranged on the top of the page, just below the header. To view products in a Category just click on it. After clicking on a category or sub-products show that compose it. Also you can see on the left side of the window. You can also use the Search Box to locate one or more products. The easy way is to type one or more keywords in the box at the top left of the language selection, to the right of the logo of the online store and click on the magnifying glass icon. Clicking on the photo or text description of a product can access a detailed data sheet of the same.

You can press the ADD TO CART button on one or more products, thus adding to the shopping cart, visible in the upper right side of the page. Products can be reviewed and placed in the basket by clicking on the shopping cart. In the window that opens you can delete products from the cart by clicking on the "x" that appears to the right of the product. In the same window that opens can advance the completion of the order by clicking the Checkout button. You can also access the shopping cart by clicking on the option of the same name that appears in the menu under the logo of the store. The shopping cart comes to occupy the entire page. You can delete items by marking them on the Delete column to the left of the image and clicking the Update button.

You can estimate the cost of shipping by clicking on estimated shipping and taxes, are displayed 3 frames in which we must select the country, the province, enter the ZIP code and then press the Get Quotes button. Pressing this button will calculate shipping and a button underneath, Apply shipping, mark the shipping cost and press this button, then the store, add the cost of shipping to the shopping cart and you can see the amount our total order including shipping and VAT.

To purchase the products on the Shopping Cart must click on the Checkout option visible on the right side of the screen, just below the total price.

Any of the above options allow you to complete the purchase of several steps:
  • In Step 1, the store asks you to identify, if an existing customer, ask for your email address and password. If not, you can register, this will come in handy for future purchases. If you are not registered and do not want to register can select the order as a guest. In this case you must provide the data necessary to process the order and make an invoice. In case you make a future purchase will need to supply the data.
  • In Step 2 must confirm the billing address.
  • In Step 3 the delivery address confirming the order.
  • In Step 4 select the shipping method and add, if desired, the comments it deems necessary for us to make delivery of the order.
  • In Step 5 select the payment method you prefer. Do not forget to read and accept these Terms & Conditions. If you pay via PayPal or credit card will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website to complete the payment (once you have confirmed your order in the next step)
  • In Step 6 shall confirm the order, the store displays the products in your shopping cart. If you select Bank Transfer as payment, under the product list see the data needed to make the payment. Once you confirm your order by pressing the Confirm Order button receive an email notification of purchase you made that includes the Bank transfer instructions payment, if this is the payment method selected.

You can create a user store and associate one or several contact addresses, so no need to re-enter them if you re-buy at the store. Alternatively, you can purchase without creating an anonymous user. In either case, the data entered are similar: needed to deliver your order and issue an invoice.

Press Checkout button you accept the conditions and confirmed the purchase as it is detailed, authorizing payment of amounts reported for: Total.


The store pages are available in Spanish as well as all content and descriptions associated with the products of the store. You can also change the language to English (Español), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Italian (Italiano) and Portuguese (Portuguese), although the contents and descriptions associated with the products of the store can not be translated these languages ​​or be translations by automatic procedures. This is possible by clicking on the text of the language on the top right corner and selecting the country flag.

In any case, all references to elements of the website of the store described on this page are made as they appear when selected Spanish.

Security and payment

Our policy is to ensure the continued security of the data, both personal, such as those on the means of payment. With respect to personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy.

All pages on our site in which they handle personal data, means of payment data or sensitive data in general, are protected by a digital certificate that ensures secure connection encrypted exchange of data between our server and your browser. This means of connection is known as SSL and use the https protocol instead of the usual http. In most browsers you can check that the connection is secure because it appears an icon of a lock somewhere in the browser window. Clicking this icon is usually possible to check the certificate data.

For safety, all our online payments are made through PayPal entity, which guarantees the highest standards of security and control of fraud in online payments. PayPal admits in Spain at the moment the following means of payment, all available in our store:

  • Payment by credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Aurora.
  • Payment by PayPal account.

In all these cases, at the time of payment the user is redirected to a PayPal page where you will collect the necessary data. Our shop does not handle data at any time of their means of payment. If you pay by credit card, PayPal page will ask for your card and remember in future payments associated with our store.

Finally, for those clients who wish, we also have to pay by bank transfer. In this case the order becomes effective when we receive the full amount in the bank account indicated on the time of purchase. Note that if your bank charges you make a transfer charges must be taken into account for the amount we receive is the one for your entire order, shipping and taxes.

Product Features

Our policy is to try to offer the most complete and accurate as possible to the products we offer. For this reason we try to offer not only full descriptions but one or more images of the product and user manuals, data sheets, installation guides and other documents are available that we feel may be useful when evaluating the product before buy it.

To provide this documentation online through information provided by the manufacturer or its distributors, and reproduce in our pages assuming that if we can get freely is because this is the original intention of the person who has generated. However, this information is not binding in the face of our buyers and may be subject to copyright or copyrights.

Also note that most of the manufacturers we distribute reserve the right to modify its products without notice. Some may use different brand names for the same product without affecting its functionality, performance or build quality.

Some of the products we sell require installation, so it may be necessary to have knowledge and skills in electricity, electronics or computers. If the buyer does not have these skills should seek the services of a qualified specialist. You still have knowledge may need to take precautions such as turning off lights or appliances temporarily cut the power or perform a backup of a computer. This store does not assume any liability for damage caused to property or persons whether a purchaser of our products you decide to install a product on its own without having the necessary knowledge rather than resort to a specialist or do it recklessly.

Order Tracking

Can be tracked any order from our website using the order number. This must have a valid user of the store. If you chose the procurement process without prior registration, you can only do seguirmiento via email that the store will confirm the order by sending changes state.

When the order goes to the Sent status means that at least has been prepared for shipment and has created a collection request to the carrier. Completed status means that the request was submitted and has been issued and sent the bill.

Scope of sale, purchase prices and taxes

For all purposes, sales will be considered as performed at the store's headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The purchase of our products can be made from anywhere in the Spanish territory, including Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands as well as from Portugal. Some of our stores also sell to most of the countries of the European Union.

All purchase prices listed in the store's products are in euros, including 21% VAT and exclude postage. The 21% VAT will apply in all cases.

It considered only the following exceptions:

  • For those orders where the billing address and shipping address correspond to other European Community countries other than Spain and the request is made by a company that has intra-operator number, VAT number. In this case, indicate this in the comments field when ordering and send the VAT number accreditation by fax to +34 91 141 31 99 or e-mail to info@hipershops.com.

In this case, VAT will be refunded upon receipt of documentation of accreditation. If you make payment by bank transfer, you may deduct the VAT amount of the transfer at the time it is done, but do not forget to add a comment in the transfer comments field stating that you are deducting VAT. However, in the case of companies with intra-operator license, the request will not be served if we do not have the necessary accreditation.

In the event that an order must pass through customs (orders from outside the EU), does not include custom fees or taxes to be paid on it. It is your responsibility to manage these costs and efforts through customs to get the order. Usually the carrier will manage the transition of the order by the office, claiming their expenses and applicable taxes at the time of delivering the order.

Carrier and Shipping

To ensure the service as quickly as possible, our shipments are made directly from our warehouse by the carrier SEUR. In some cases, shipments include insurance whose cost is 1.25% of net order. The amount of this insurance is part of the store. The client however is required to check order status and report any possible damage caused by transport up to 24 business hours from the time of receipt. You can find out more about the Delivery Information.


The delivery is the result of adding the time it takes to prepare your order and the time it takes for the order to arrive at your destination. Both the preparation of orders and their transit takes place on weekdays, so the number of calendar days may vary for two similar requests based on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays that may be involved.

Generally, our orders take to be ready to ship 1 business day. If your destination is Spain, the delivery of an average order is between 1 and 4 days. We can not guarantee that the order will be treated on the same day if received after 12pm Central European Time.

When we do not have any products in stock and not be able to get it quickly, we will notify you via email of the estimated time to get it. From that point, if the delivery time does not seem satisfactory, will have 2 days to withdraw from the contract and to refund your money. After this time we will assume you are still interested in the order. If there are further delays would send new notifications and will have 2 working days after each of them to give the order and we will refund your money.

In any case, our delivery time may exceed thirty days from the day following receipt of an order without being notified by email.

Conditions for refund, exchange or replacement of products

Withdrawal and refund

As a consumer has a cooling off period of 7 days from receipt of a product. During this period may return the product without penalty, provided that the following conditions:

  • Product must be returned in their original packaging, containing all elements and accessories in perfect condition. If the product is purchased in a promotion and was accompanied by one or more other gift products, they also must be returned.
  • If the product contains components sealed, these seals must not be broken.
  • The product must not have been made, adapted or customized to meet the needs of the buyer.
  • Does not apply to audio or video records or software which were unsealed, as well as computer files provided electronically that can be downloaded or reproduced immediately for permanent use. Nor those goods and services for which applicable law provides for such exception.
  • The client will pay the postage to return the product to the headquarters of the store.

If these conditions are met, the customer can choose between a refund of the amount paid for the product or replace the product for another. If there is not any of these conditions, we promise to offer clients a solution that we believe is acceptable to both parties and within the law.

Repair and replacement of consumer goods

When the customer purchases a product intended for private consumption and fails to comply with the specifications, you can choose between repair or replacement of the product (unless one of these options is impossible or disproportionate), or alternatively from a price reduction or return the product. In the latter case will apply the conditions of withdrawal and return of the previous section.

In cases of repair or replacement the customer will bear the postage to return the product to the headquarters of the store, but not necessary to resubmit the repaired or replaced to the customer. Delivery will be made to the address that the product had been sent to the client originally.

Refunds for change

The customer can return the product within 10 calendar days of receipt, whenever you change one of the same or greater value and that the returned product is capable of being sold to another customer. Shall apply the conditions of withdrawal and return of the previous section.

Procedure for refund, exchange or replacement

In order to proceed to a refund, exchange or replacement within the scope specified in the preceding paragraph, the client should reference the original order number and bring the bill.

The request must be in the finished state. If the order has not been sent and wants to make changes on it, contact the store using one of the contact information. This procedure can only apply to products that have already been sent.

For the application should write to the address info@hipershops.com. In their letter must explain the reasons for the request and attach the original invoice associated with the order. You may request for refund, exchange or replacement of all or part of the articles of an order. If you purchased a product over the same type, you can choose the number who want to exchange or return.

Once submitted your request will be evaluated according to the Terms of refund, exchange or replacement of the goods described above and each of the requests receive a response. Note that the fact of having made an application does not mean it is accepted.

If your application is accepted we will contact you to give instructions on what to do. Generally you will need to send the product or products you want to change or return to the headquarters of the store. If the store that takes care of the postage, we will contact you for a carrier to pick up the original shipping address. If it is you who is in charge of ports, you can use the medium to send us consider the product or products. Once we have seen what we send, we will send you the product or product replacement or refund. Note that conditions must be satisfied that apply to each type of refund, exchange or replacement.

It is important that with the product or products returned to us include a hard copy printing of the invoice, which clearly mark the products delivered.

As a general recommendation, if the original packaging we use to make the shipment is in good condition, you can use it again to make us return.

Warranty and After Sales

In general all products in our catalog have the guarantee given by the manufacturers or distributors in Spain, which is two years unless otherwise indicated. This warranty shall run from the day when the carrier delivers the product to the customer. As proof of this date, the customer must keep the delivery note.

As proof to access is sufficient to guarantee the original purchase invoice to the customer will be sent either by the order, or by regular mail to the billing address, by e-mail to the address used for ordering.

Defects or damage due to improper handling, installation or use of products or wear caused by normal use thereof, are not included in this warranty. The shortages in the functionality of the items, due to limited conception of them, are also excluded from warranty coverage. In the case of computer items, the warranty does not cover virus removal, restoration of programs for this reason or reinstallation of the disk caused by deletion of the same.

In those incidents that justify the use of the warranty will opt for the repair, replacement of the article or rebates under the terms established by law.

The warranty and after sales service is preferably provided through the manufacturer or distributor in Spain. The customer can choose between going directly to the customer service of the manufacturer or distributor in Spain, or send the product to the headquarters of the store. In this case, freight shipping and return borne by the customer.

Important note about batteries, accumulators and batteries

In compliance with legal requirements arising from the Royal Decree RD 106/2008 on batteries and accumulators, and environmental management of their rediduos of February 1, 2008, effective September 26, 2008, you are informed about their rights and obligations:

  • They are subject to R.D. 106/2008 all products which are either themselves or contain for proper operation of any accumulator or battery.
  • The purchaser of any such products becomes liable to recycle accumulators or batteries purchased, either as such or as part of an electrical appliance, electronic or vehicle. This may either choose to use public transport to reach, as the delivery of the batteries, accumulators and batteries at designated points for it. These points are commonly known as "Green Points" or "green points".
  • We, as sellers of any of the above products, provide service to customers free recycling for products sold by us. To use this service, the customer must send prepaid those accumulators or batteries that you want to recycle. The only condition is that the items we recycle apply to products that have sold us directly, or that the case of elements which have been replaced by similar ones we've sold.
  • If the customer wants to use this service should be channeled through our customer service.

Note about translations

For your convenience, our store you can find your language texts translated from other languages. Please check the conditions in which we do translations.

Customer Service

If you have a problem with the quality of our service, we invite you to contact us using any of the means put at their disposal in the About Us page.

If, despite all the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can use our customer service with which you can contacted at atencionalcliente@hipershops.com.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 14:30h and from 15:30 to 18:30h, hours of Madrid, Spain (GMT +1).


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