Topview: Server IP RS-232/422/485 (2-Port)

Topview: Server IP RS-232/422/485 (2-Port)
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IP Server two serial ports (2 x RS-232/422/485) ideal to connect any serial peripheral LAN and access a peripheral from the other (s) computer (s) in the same LAN. Ethernet connection provides RJ45-Female LAN (10/100 Mbps auto-sensing of speed) and 2 x DB9-Male. Compatible with TCP / IP, UDP, Telnet, Rtelnet, ICMP and DHCP. Lets be configured via telnet or via the serial port (console). It also provides management software for easy management of it, and the driver that allows to map a COM port: virtual in each of the computers on the network. Communication with the serial port from each of the computers on the network can be as a serial port (virtual COM port mode), as direct IP mode (direct IP mode), or point to point (pair mode). Based on an internal CPU 16-bit smart. As for the serial ports support speeds from 110 to 230 Kbps, parity setting (None, Even, Odd), configuration of data bits (7 or 8 bits), set stop bits (1 or 2 bits) and type setting serial port (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485). It has LEDs that indicate ON / OFF, READY LINK for each serial port. Supplied with 12V DC power supply of 500 mA. Made of metal, suitable for industrial environments, 120x85x23 mm in size and weight 310 g.

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