Video Transceiver, BNC + DC + DATA to RJ45 (Balun) [TTP111VPD-RJ45]

Video Transceiver, BNC + DC + DATA to RJ45 (Balun) [TTP111VPD-RJ45]
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Passive Video Transceiver (video transceiver) Composite video (coaxial BCN-Male) to twisted pair (UTP RJ45-Female). It features video balun. Designed to allow transmission of video signals over twisted pair (UTP). The twisted pair cable for easy installation, it is cheaper and allows for greater transmission distances without loss of quality.


  • Video Balun and Video Transceiver Passive.
  • Small module size: 69 x 25 x 22 mm.
  • On the side of the camera has BNC-Male connector, DC connector to feed the video camera and 2-wire cable for data transmission (RS-232 or RS-485).
  • Cable length: 25cm.
  • Connect to twisted pair cable has RJ45-Female.
  • No power required (passive).
  • Range of transmission over UTP cable: 400m (color) and 600m (B / N).
  • Power is transmitted by 2 pairs of UTP.
  • Allowed to be used in conjunction with another module of the same model or with model # SI25.

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