Water Level Sensor 3 levels and 30 cm

Water Level Sensor 3 levels and 30 cm
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Sensor wiring that allows detection of water level. It is bar length 30 cm 3 detectors available at 3 levels different height. The 3 sensors are of type float so that the get water to the height of each sensor, this remains activated until remove the water. The separation of the sensors with respect to the bottom is 5 cm, 12 cm and 24 cm. Model to be connected to the central alarm or device digital input controller by cables. If you want to connect the 3 sensors were specified 3 wired sensing inputs.

  • Sensors connected to the control panel cable.
  • 3 based system to climb buoys float activated the sensor.
  • Steel rod with threaded system for fastening plate.
  • It has 4 cables (COM-black, white for HIGH, MEDIUM and blue to red to LOW).
  • Length: 30 cm.
  • Contact system: OKI dry connectors 10W 30-35.

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