Wireless Detector volume ceiling to 100 m

Wireless Detector volume ceiling to 100 m
Wireless Detector volume ceiling to 100 m
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Volumetric sensor that detects infrared movement people passing through the area of ​​influence sensor. Model that connects to the alarm center or device digital input controller wirelessly radiofrequency. Zenith model to be installed on the roof thereby detecting intrusions to pass under the detector. The Scanning is done in an arc of 360 degrees being the center sensor this sweep.

  • Sensors connected to the control panel wirelessly.
  • It has on-off switch (ON / OFF).
  • Extendable antenna for better communication with the control panel.
  • Approximate distance wireless connection 100 m (approximately).
  • Arch 360-degree detection.
  • Green LED and red indicating the status of the sensor and the detection.
  • Efficient against false alarms.
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes.
  • Operating Voltage: 9 VDC (powered by 9 VDC battery).
  • Consumption: 25 mA.
  • Mounting height: 2.5 m to 6.0 m.
  • Size: 98.0 mm diameter x 32m0 mm high.
  • Jumpers on the inside for coding and sensor configuration.
  • Operating Frequency: 315 MHz or 433 MHz.

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